Artist's Biography

Antje Collis was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1953.

She migrated to Australia with her parents when she was a baby and grew up in rural Western Australia, spending her school years in Geraldton and Morawa.

Having been educated in Australia, it was not long before an easy alternative was found to her German name, (pronounced  “Un Chair”‘) and Anjte became known as “Anne”.

Antje is a self-taught artist and the development of her appealing and quirky style has come about as the result of her taking what has appealed from various sources without allowing other styles and techniques to inhibit her own progress.

Antje aims to keep her style simple and uncluttered with her philosophy being that it is often more about what you don’t include that makes a painting appealing.

She has used her imagination and flair to develop a fresh and individual style that includes a variety of subjects and mediums.

Anjte works with many media, including: watercolour, acrylic and other water-based mediums, and often mixes these mediums in her paintings.

Antje is an active member of her local community and has won numerous regional art awards for her paintings. Displaying confidence in her ability and ideas, her popular work is featured in galleries and art shows all around Australia.