Artist's Biography

Diana Battle is an established and well-respected Queensland artist who has been exhibiting her beautiful, colourful paintings for decades.

Born in Brisbane in 1946, Diane lived there for twenty years before moving to Papua New Guinea to work for The Department of Treasury in Port Moresby and then the South Pacific Post, the local newspaper. Marriage and six children followed, and Diana focused most of her time on family life.

In 1977 Diana spent time overseas which gave her the wonderful opportunity to visit art galleries in London, France and Italy. In recent years she has also enjoyed more visits to galleries in Spain, St. Petersburg and New York, which has made a valuable contribution to her art education and appreciation.

In the mid 1980’s Diana and her family settled in Toowoomba and she painted whenever she found spare time, improvising her painting area by using shelving, an ironing board and a stool.  Diana jokes that the ironing board was the perfect height for creating artworks and certainly much more fun than doing the ironing!

As well as the beauty of the colour that is always present in Diana’s works, atmosphere and light are of primary importance to her, where the subjects are often abstracted, and even stylized. Diana paints a broad range of subjects, including landscapes, street scenes, florals and beach scenes.

Diana’s father, who was a professional photographer, encouraged her artistic talent and advised her to “see”, and observe more deeply, rather than to simply presume what she thought was obvious.

This way of viewing the world is conveyed in the intuitive style that Diana adopts in her paintings, whereby the scene unfolding on the canvas is not strictly realistic and immediately clear, and colours and shapes take on a more adventurous and creative representation that leads us to look a little closer and to interact more intimately with the scene in front of us.

An active member in her local cultural scene, Diana volunteers and exhibits with the Toowoomba Art Society and her works have been included in several group exhibitions at the Society and also in art galleries in the Darling Downs and with Tiffany Jones Fine Art Consultant at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

On addition to her exhibiting experience, Diana has also participated in many Summer Schools and workshops and enjoys the stimulation that this continuing education brings to her work.

Diana is the recipient of several art awards, including many prizes from the Toowoomba Art Society, People’s Choice award at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and in 2017 she entered the Archibald Portrait Prize with a large and striking portrait of her brother David, a professional photographer.

Diana’s works are popular with art collectors and her pieces are represented in many private Australian collections.