Artist's Biography

Born in 1951, Donald James Waters is an established Australian artist with a successful career spanning over three decades.

As a school boy he had dreams of becoming a full-time artist, but social norms and his family’s disapproval put those dreams on hold. Some years later, when he met his wife, Margaret she encouraged him to make his dreams of becoming an artist a reality.

Whilst best described as a contemporary artist, Donald’s artwork transcends many genres to create a truly unique, free, and ever-evolving and eclectic style that focuses on colour and movement. To Donald art must always remain an adventure; he likens it to the emotion of driving into a new land and looking down into a valley he has never been before.

Over the years, he relaxed the confines of his initial beginnings in botanical art, to evolve into using stylized strokes, over-emphasized characters, and bold blocks of colour to shift his primary focus to that of a being a storyteller, rather than a technically correct traditional artist.

Donald sees art as an adventure that must be experienced not only by the artist, but also by the viewer. He views the world from a spiritual, beautiful, and somewhat naive perspective and his positive and engaging personality and beliefs are reflected in the vibrant and colourful world that he creates on canvas. Donald’s images of full of fantasy, inversions, and layers that are inconceivable in a rational perspective, and they almost always include a human component, with his immediately identifiable elongated and intriguing figures, often presented in humorous ways.

For inspiration, Donald draws on his environment and his vast experiences of travelling and living in both coastal and inland Australia. Currently he lives in a rainforest of his creation in Jacobs Well, Queensland, surrounded by nature’s colour and movement.

His career has taken his art all over the world, with his pieces in many private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas. Works in his distinctive style have even made their way into the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He has also been commissioned to create works for the Gold Coast City Council and the Police Headquarters in Roma Street, Brisbane, as well as participating in community programs in Queensland.

In 2016, Donald Waters was awarded with an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to the community and the Arts, and has been previously recognised as a Gold Coast Citizen of the Year.