Artist's Biography

Jennifer Pugh is the sister of the celebrated Australian potter, Michael Pugh, from Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

Now aged in her 70’s, Jennifer has lived at the Sunshine Coast for decades and a number of her works were painted at Buderim and around the Sunshine Coast, featuring the landscape and colours of the area.

Her paintings are known for their free line and forms, and beautiful use of colour.

Several of Jennifer’s paintings were inspired by the free-flowing style of the Russian born internationally acclaimed artist Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944).

Kandinksy is widely credited as being the pioneer of Abstract Art and was fascinated by colour and colour theory. Kandinsky’s paintings are held in prestigious public galleries and private collections throughout the world.

Michael Pugh, Jennifer’s brother, remains an active and important member of the Sunshine Coast art community, creating his beautiful ceramics from an idyllic rainforest property at Buderim at his Middle Earth Pottery.

The Pugh family are all artistic – Michael is a potter and his wife Jenny is a painter and a gardener. Michael & Jenny’s three daughters, Saffron, Jasmine and Shelly are also creative. Shelly is a potter, Jasmine is a potter and Saffron lives in Bali where she works for a design company in clothes.

Jennifer Pugh is still a resident of the Sunshine Coast.