Artist's Biography

Rayma Eveson was born in 1963, in Colac, country Victoria to two artistic parents. Her idyllic childhood of riding horses and climbing trees, also involved hours of sitting to draw, sketching mermaids and replicating Beatrix Potter illustrations.

During primary school, Rayma dealt with the challenges and stigma of undiagnosed dyslexia, but her gifted imagination, artistic talent, and athletic abilities, boosted her confidence.

At secondary school Rayma,won art awards, and had planned to study visual arts at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. However after completing her senior year, during a working holiday to the Sunshine Coast, she experienced a new found freedom, and shortly afterwards meet her husband to be, and an exciting, new, and different life unfolded.

Living on an idyllic property with a rainforest and a creek at Forest Glen, Rayma and her husband built a home and raised three children, with dogs, chooks and veggie patches. To Rayma, this was her paradise.

Artistic aspirations where set aside for years while Rayma became a dedicated mother and wife, but she continued to draw when she could, never loosing sight of her dream of becoming an artist. As her children grew older the dream grew louder, and the voice said, “What if you could, and never tried?”.

The “What if” urged Rayma to paint again. Mainly a self-taught artist, as she experimented and sought her own expression, Rayma endured a time of frustration, comparing herself to other artists. She realised it was the necessary to look inwards and follow her own path. Soon after she met a pastelist and embarked on pastel classes, falling in love with the delightful sticks of pure pigment, their varied applications and intensity of colour. Her innate ability was then set free.

Whilst Rayma calls herself a late starter, she has staged three successful exhibitions, and won Best Painting and People’s Choice at the 2013 at the Immanuel Arts Festival, and the following year was Festival’s Artist in Focus. She continues to gain a dedicated following in Australia and overseas.

Rayma’s sense of fun is evident in her work, from her unashamed burlesque creations to adorable pieces plucked straight from her inner child. Her large scale pastels and small creations in ink and pencil are always delightfully playful and whimsical. They can also be inspiring, tempting and reminders for us to be freer.

She likes to cut the strings attached to the normal mundane of everyday life. Stumbling over herself with ideas, Rayma intuitively follows where her imagination leads.  Rayma says everyone is multifaceted, and calling on everything she is and has been, she unveils her inner child, the mother, the lover, the sinner, the saint, and occasionally the profound, in a style that is undeniably her own.