Artist's Biography

Robert David Pope was born in Bendigo, Victoria in 1939.  He is a Landscape and abstract painter in oil, acrylic, pen and ink.

Pope worked for ten years in the Australian outback as an oil and mineral surveyor and a geo-computer draftsman.  He then settled in Alice Springs in 1965 and opened his first art studio and a gallery the following year.

In 1973, after successfully establishing himself as a landscape artist, Robert Pope received a Western Australian State Government Bursary to further his research into the relationship between art and science.

He then moved to Berri, South Australia and became resident artist of that town.  He was also the Director of the Science-Art Research Centre at Lock 4.  Pope was invited to Hollywood for introduction to the City of Los Angeles by the Thalian Society in February, 1989.

Robert Pope now paints and resides in New South Wales.

Robert Pope has the distinction of having supplied two works of art for the private collection of Prince Charles.


Palmerston Street Gallery, Melbourne; Chandler-Pope Gallery, Gold Coast, Queensland; International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy; Murdoch University; Halmaag Gallery, Victoria and Studio Star Gallery, Darwin.



Life’s work documented by ABC National Television in the series The Scientists – Profiles in Discovery screened throughout Australia and America in 1979.

Special issues of Scientific Australian, August 1980 dedicated to Pope’s research work, several books associated with the Centre have been published including work on cerebral functioning associated with creative thought.

Robert Pope has co-written an art book with Robert Todonai entitled “Two Bob’s Worth” which is illustrated with paintings from both artists.