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Tiffany’s Research Notes for “Argument”:

In this very detailed etching, which Norman Lindsay created in 1923, he demonstrates his ability to portray with great detail and with a variety of personalities and characteristics a work that is both humorous and captivating.

Lindsay’s many years experience as an illustrator and cartoonist for the Bulletin emerges in this work with his acute observation of human nature.

The etching is a portrayal of a light-hearted romp. The composition is filled with several groups of people from all walks of life in conversation and debate. Some arguments are thoughtful and contemplative with quizzical expressions and receptive listeners, other speakers hold court in a stately and very respectful manner, while other groups are overtly passionate with opponent points of view being expressed with drawn swords and bristling anger.

Lindsay’s amazing drawing skill and acute powers of observation are evident here too with the startling array of costumes, faces and expressions he incorporates into this very entertaining etching.

An original etching of “Argument” is held in the collection of the National Trust Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum and working proofs of the etching are held in the Mitchell Library in Sydney in the collection of documents and etching proofs that were left to the library by Norman Lindsay’s wife Rose before her death in 1978.

Etching, Engraving & Stipple on Paper
21.6 x 24.2 cm
46.5 x 46.5 cm
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