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Tiffany’s Research Notes on ‘Capturing the Captors”:

“Capturing the Captors” is an excellent example of Lindsay’s ability to produce complex and very detailed compositions.

In this remarkable piece, he reproduces in stunning detail a scene where male victors are enjoying their spoils of victory. But who is really “capturing” who? In a witty and ironic twist, which Lindsay alludes to in the title, the male captors may have their prize, but they become entranced and captivated by the beauty and feminine whiles of their so-called captives. The tables are turned with the women then holding, or equalising, the balance of power.

Men and women from all the ages are represented, emphasising the ancient power of feminine sensuality and the dance of courtship that has existed forever between men and women.

The scene is portrayed in Pen and Ink, the medium for which Lindsay was most famous because of his ability to portray an extraordinary range of tones, fluid line work and intricate detail.

Lindsay’s pen and inks  established his reputation as an artist when very early in his career, the art critic and teacher Julian Ashton noticed his drawings and stated: “… he stands today the unrivalled master of all who bow the knee before the most despotic of mediums – Pen & Ink”. Lindsay’s skill with the pen earned him much admiration amongst his contemporaries and a job illustrating for the prestigious Bulletin magazine, an association that lasted over 60 years – valuable practice which is reflected in his convincing portrayal of figures, drapery and the varied expressions in this entertaining piece.

However, Lindsay’s reputation for this difficult medium rests on only a small surviving proportion of his major pen and ink works because most were burnt in a train fire in America in 1940.

“Capturing the Captors” is one of Lindsay’s better known, and very fine examples of his Pen and Ink pieces, so much so that it had the honour of being chosen for illustration in a book about Norman Lindsay’s pen and ink works, “Norman Lindsay Selected Pen Drawings”, Bonanza Books, New York, 1968 (Plate 19).

Pen & Ink on Paper
42.5 x 50 cm
93 x 93 cm
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