Far Away

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I’m very pleased to offer this exquisite quality Robert Dickerson charcoal.

This fine work bears all the hallmarks of Dickerson’s collectable earlier works. These elements include the richly shaded background and the depiction of the figure emerging from soft shadows with shafts of light touching the face and the shirt to create depth and mood.

Other refined attributes of this lovely piece are the defined and elegant line around the facial features which bring not only strength, but also tenderness. In many of his works, Dickerson emphasises human emotion, which is a powerful and much loved element of his style.

The emotive resonance of this work comes from deceptively subtle but skilful inclusions by Dickerson in the gestures of the sitter, who is deep in thought.  Downward eyes convey contemplation, and hands are held fingertip to fingertip in a reflective position. The quietness of the sitter hones our focus to the emotion of the piece and it’s aura of tranquility so that Dickerson takes “Far Away” and on a journey into the thoughts of the young man.

This classically beautiful Robert Dickerson comes with my unreserved recommendation.

Charcoal on Paper
55 x 36 cm
86 x 66 cm
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