Girl with Blue Poppies – SOLD

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Award winning artist Suzy Platt is a well-known and highly successful artist in her native New Zealand and since staging her first solo Australian exhibition in 2014 at my Buderim art gallery, she has now developed another devoted following in Australia, in addition to her popularity with collectors all over the world.

Best known for her hauntingly beautiful portraits of young children with exquisitely painted eyes, Suzy broadened her stylistic approach recently after being offered an amazing opportunity by renowned British fashion photographer Nick Knight to illustrate haute couture shows at Paris Fashion Week, with these works shown in a London exhibition. Nick Knight’s accomplishments include photographing celebrity model Kate Moss and the Queen for her official 90th birthday photo.

This beautiful piece “Girl with Blue Poppies” is a harmonious blend of the innocence we know in Suzy’s works and a worldly sophistication influenced by her love of fashion. The vertical shape, willowy elegance of the girl’s body, her partially revealed back, and the mystique of a big-eyed girl peeking from under a wide-brimmed hat creates a sense of intrigue and stylishness. The restrained colour palette enhances the classic refinement of this painting.

Oil on Canvas
60 x 43 cm
74 x 59 cm
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