In Vain the Christian – Engraving – from an edition of no more than 37 (1927) – Very Rare – SOLD

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Tiffany’s Research Notes on “In Vain the Christian”:

This magnificent Engraving was created in London in 1927 and it is an extremely rare work as only a small number of engravings were produced in the edition – it is believed that no more than 37 of these engravings are in existence.

Norman Lindsay also completed a beautiful pen and ink drawing of the same subject in 1923, which was tragically burnt and destroyed in 1940 in a train fire during his wife Rose’s visit to America when she was promoting Lindsay’s work to publishers and art dealers.

This incredibly detailed work highlights Norman Lindsay’s following of the thoughts and beliefs of the influential German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).

“In Vain the Christian” celebrates creativity, classical art, and the freedom of spirit over the conventions of religion.

It shows to great effect Lindsay’s total mastery over drawing and his incredible skill at being able to depict all sorts of forms in minute detail. Lindsay conveys to us a wondrous scene set in a towering temple filled with a spectacular entourage of men and women celebrating, riders on horseback, chariots, elephants, leopard, tigers, large hounds, and a Roman soldier gazing towards a proud naked woman.

Engraving on Paper / Engraved in London in 1927 from an Original Pen & Ink by Norman Lindsay dated 1923 / Framed
52 x 69.8 cm
95 x 121 cm
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