Island Days – SOLD

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This Ray Crooke oil is one of the most stunning works by Crooke that I’ve ever handled. It is a work of the very best quality.

What makes it special is the beautiful use of varied colour and the brilliant placement of things within the composition to fill the painting space.  Apart from the colour harmonies, the layout is very clever and displays how Crooke was a master of geometric balance, following age-old artistic techniques such as the Golden Mean.

To bring attention to the colour, Crooke also utilises the classic technique of silhouette, whereby the darkened
interior contrasts dramatically with the outside light. Dark walls create simple drama to bring forward the vibrancy of colour bursts in the flowers, fruit and drapery; and also serve to frame the scene outside so that our eye travels out the window to the villagers and mountains beyond.

The painting space has great depth, so that within one painting, there is a figure study, a still life and a small landscape.

A Ray Crooke that I recommend highly!

Oil on Belgian Linen
44.5 x 60 cm
66 x 81.5 cm
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