Model with Pearl Earring (c. 1940) – SOLD

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This very fine and detailed pencil drawing by Norman Lindsay is a particularly beautiful example of his mastery of pencil.

He captures the beauty and grace of the sitter with her regal face turning elegantly around to the viewer, capturing her in a wistful moment.

Lindsay highlights the sensuality of the female form, showing the woman’s bare back and shoulders and exposing the rear of her neck with her hair upswept in a romantic style, so that even though the model is very ladylike, Lindsay was able to capture her feminine mystique and sensuality.

Norman Lindsay used Pencil as a medium consistently all is life and drew from when he was a young boy until the last few weeks of his life, even when he was hospitalised just before his death in 1969.

Drawn when Lindsay was aged in his late 50’s or early 60’s, “Model with Pearl Earring” dates from a period when Lindsay had worked with many artist models and had drawn the female form from every angle.

Lindsay was popular amongst artist models and had the names and addresses of over 300 women who posed for him. He was respected for his professional attitude and generosity of payment, and contrary to public opinion, he never laid a hand on any of his beautiful models.

Pencil on Paper
43 x 30 cm
74 x 64 cm
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