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Now aged in her 70’s, with a lifetime of experience as a sought-after artist, Kate’s work is instantly recognisable, but always evolving with fresh new twists. With the eternally classic combination of black and white, but with a twist of understated colour, Kate has created this elegant new work “Oops a Daisy”, using her favourite medium, Pastel, the wonderfully soft and shimmery medium that we identify with Kate.
“Oops a Daisy” is a quaint expression that Kate uses all the time, hence the title and the inclusion in the painting of a daisy in the girl’s magnificent hair, and the delicate daisy stem she holds in her hands. And from the artist, a few whimsical lines for the painting: “Your white petals and cheery yellow centre, innocence and beauty portrayed.”
Whilst retaining the femininity evident in all of Kate’s work, the minimalist use of colour, lends this pastel’s placement in a contemporary space where minimalism is preferred. In fact, the neutrality of the simple tones works well with any décor.
Past collectors of Kate’s work will also be pleased to know that as of August 2018, she has after ten years, increased the prices of her works.  However this piece still remains very competitively priced, with other galleries now selling these sized works for $6,500!
Pastel on Paper
71 x 74 cm
107.5 x 106.5 cm
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