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Tiffany’s Research notes on “Self Portrait”:

Self Portrait is regarded as one of Lindsay’s best known etchings and is one of his most controversial and collectable. Norman spent a great deal of time needling the plate for Self Portrait and it continued to preoccupy him for several years after it was published. In a letter to his sister Mary, Norman states: “…It reflects my state of mind during those years … Anyway, it is definitely autobiographical …“. The etching shows Norman clutching his etching needle with his hands manacled and bowed between a male satyr and a female nude. Surrounding them are all the creatures of his imagination. Created in 1930 when Norman was 51, Self Portrait depicts Norman in torment and was made at a time when he was troubled by his creative capacity. Norman was also enduring great distress at this time because of the mounting media storm over his work which came to a head in June 1931 following the release of a special Norman Lindsay edition of Art in Australia. Released in December 1930, it was a great honour for Norman.  Included in the edition was a reproduction of Self Portrait and despite the Great Depression over 5,000 copies sold. Following a public complaint, Art in Australia was charged in June 1931 with having sold an obscene publication and police seized all the plates and available issues. However, the case was dismissed and soon after in July, Norman and Rose left Australia in disgust on a ship bound for a trip to America.

Limited Edition Facsimile Etching (issued in 1974)
35.4 x 30.4 cm
72.5 x 64.5 cm
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