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Robert Dickerson was interested in all aspects of the human condition. His style never really wavered from an interest in recording people in their day to day lives, and pursuing their passions. Dickerson’s consistent desire to paint people and situations in a mostly non-romanticised and direct way resulted in a body of socially realist works that conveyed the people he observed and encountered around him.

He was interested in all aspects of the creative arts, not just painting. Amongst Dickerson’s subjects we see his connection to artful creativity, with several pieces conveying dancers and musicians. Dickerson loved Classical music, listening to it when he painted. He held a particular fondness for the music of composer JS Bach, who wrote seven sonatas for the flute and harpsichord.

Using charcoal and the boldness its provides with the contrast of black against white, “The Flautist”┬áis a strong and engaging portrait that has an appealing sense of honesty. It shows the flautist musician intent and absorbed in his own world of creation. Dickerson’s pieces are often characterised by a sense of the individual and their own lone state of consciousness – a universal aspect of humanity.

As a fellow creative, Dickerson would have felt a kindred connection to musicians, understanding and appreciating their state of mind and depth of feeling when wholeheartedly engaged in creating and performing – a sense of creative absorption that was directly relatable to his own experience of dedicating many solitary hours to painting and perfecting his art in his studio.

“The Flautist” is a celebration of human experience and the inspiration and joy that the arts brings to people from all walks of life.

Charcoal on Paper
56 x 76 cm
80.5 x 100.5 cm
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