The Guest – SOLD

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Linda Keough fans and collectors take note! Linda’s most recent solo exhibition in November 2017, entirely sold out before Opening Night! So if you’re desiring a piece of hers, I’m excited to present this beautiful oil that offers vibrancy of colour, visual curiosity, and Linda’s signature fine detail.

The incongruous placement of exquisitely painted animals in very human environments is a theme that runs through many of Linda’s works. She sees this a way to highlight man’s subjugation of animals. By placing animals artistically in a sophisticated, man-made space, Linda addresses this imbalance, celebrates the natural world, and gives us a reason to pause for thought.

Some of the beautiful antique and collectable pieces depicted in Linda’s paintings are inspired by personal treasures she has collected.

Oil on Canvas
61 x 76 cm
65 x 81 cm
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