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This delightfully pretty pastel by Robert Dickerson portrays an emotional aspect that is prevalent in many of his pieces – that of quiet contemplation and thoughtfulness.

The softness of the colours, using a delicate palette of powder blues and subdued lime, enhance and complement the gentle ambience created by the still mood of the girl. She sits quietly within her own thoughts in a tranquil and thoughtful state.

“The Novel” takes us into restfulness and those few precious moments when we can escape the busyness of day to day life and are free to read, imagine and reflect.

Dickerson pastels in the gorgeous soft colours seen in “The Novel” rarely become available. I regard this as a particularly beautiful work by Dickerson and am pleased to recommend it to those wanting to diversify their collection, or to an art lover who has always wanted a Dickerson.

Pastel on Paper
55 x 37 cm
82.5 x 64 cm
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