The Three Graces – SOLD

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This lovely, richly coloured watercolour in glorious, vibrant blue, is titled “The Three Graces” and portrays the beautiful sisters of Ancient Greek mythology, commonly known as Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia. Most often depicted together in a group, The Three Graces are symbols of joie de vivre and beauty.

Shown dancing together, Blackman’s three women evoke the life purpose of the Graces, or Charities, who brought pleasure as goddesses of play and happiness, relaxation and charm, beauty and nature, and fertility. They lived on Mt Olympus entertaining Olympian gods and goddesses, singing and dancing to Apollo’s lyre.

Blackman’s watercolour, with its whimsicality and pretty, vibrant colour, joins the throngs of many other artists throughout the ages who have been inspired by the tale of the Three Graces, including iconic artists such as Raphael and Botticelli.

Watercolour & Ink on Paper
39 x 55 cm
78 x 91 cm
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