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Tiffany’s Research Notes on “Treasure”:

In “Treasure” Norman Lindsay portrays his fascination for marine legends when he depicts the allusive maiden of the sea, a mermaid, adorning herself with pearls from an underwater treasure, probably the sunken jewell chest of a lost galleon.

Lindsay’s skill at drawing all creatures is evidenced in “Treasure” where he surrounds the mermaid with her delightfully curious fish friends.

Lindsay’s love of sea legends was well-known and he held a life long fascination with the lost city of Atlantis.

He also built many ship models for relaxation and completed other etchings and paintings of pirates, booty and the spoils of capture.

“Treasure” was first created in 1925 in an edition of 55.

Original etchings of “Treasure” are represented in the collections of the  Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery and the Mitchell Library in Sydney.

Etching & Soft Ground on Paper / Framed
13.6 x 12.3 cm
65 x 55 cm
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