Sir Russell Drysdale AC

Born in Bognor Regis, in Sussex, England on 7 February 1912, Russell Drysdale arrived in Australia as a child and went on to become one of Australia’s most famous and influential artists. He died in New South Wales on 29 … Read more

Albert Sherman

Albert Sherman was born in Truro, Cornwall, England in 1882. In his youth he displayed a love for colour and design by painting the coats of arms on the carriages made in the old coach building works of his father. … Read more

Edwin Pareroultja

Edwin Pareroultja was born in Hermannsburg on 24 March 1914 and was the youngest son of Kristian and Auguste Pareroultja.  His language group was that of the Western Aranda (Arrernte).  His family name means “the debris under a gum-tree”. Edwin’s … Read more

Margaret Olley

Born in Lismore, New South Wales on 22 June in 1923, Margaret Olley was an Expressionist painter in oil, watercolour, pen and wash and her subjects were mostly landscape, interiors and still-life.  Margaret Olley was the eldest of three children … Read more

Bob Marchant

Bob Marchant was born in 1938 in Dimboola, in the Wimmera district in Victoria. His experiences from his early years growing up in this farming community are often reflected in the subjects of his paintings which are mainly figurative works … Read more

Mirka Mora

Mirka Mora was one of Melbourne’s best-known and loved artists. She was a painter, designer, muralist and textile sculptor, and worked in many media, producing paintings, drawings and designs, usually based on fantasy using a folk or naïve and primitive … Read more

Robert Juniper

Robert Juniper was born in Western Australia in the wheat belt town of Merriden on 7 January 1929. He was known as an artist, art teacher, illustrator, painter, printmaker and sculptor. From 1943 to 1947, Juniper studied commercial art and … Read more

Iris Armour

Iris Armour was born on 5 October, 1945. During her art career she worked in several mediums and her work was concerned mainly with tropical images, including nudes, seascapes, landscapes, interiors and flowers. Studies: Studied in New South Wales for … Read more

Sam Fulbrook

Sam Fullbrook was born in Sydney on 14 April in 1922. He was known as a lyrical painter of expressionist subjects and portraits. Fullbrook used a variety of mediums, including oil, watercolour and pencil. His poetic and romantic paintings were … Read more

Brett Whiteley

Brett Whiteley was born in Sydney, New South Wales in 1939 and was known as a painter, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor. Whiteley studied at the Julian Ashton School in Sydney from 1957 to 1959 under Paul Delprat and then in … Read more