Cattle Under the Gums – SOLD

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Coming in for much favourable comment and admiration is this classically beautiful Australian landscape – a large and excellent example of d’Arcy Doyle’s idyllic and nostalgic paintings.

Born in Ipswich in 1932, Doyle’s paintings capture the beauty of rural landscapes, and yesteryear in Queensland towns. For many art lovers, Doyle’s pieces are immediately recognisable from the popular series of prints, calendars, and biscuit tins where his art was reproduced.

In this painting, Doyle makes the magnificent gum trees the focus. What could be more symbolically Australian than cattle grazing under the branches of stately gums? Heightening the romanticism and serenity of the scene is Doyle’s depiction of tranquil and atmospheric blue and grey light.

The painting is quite large, and bigger than Doyle’s usual large-sized landscapes of 60 x 90 cm that more readily surface for sale. The enlarged scale of this painting gives the piece incredible presence. Notably, it is also extremely well priced, a bargain for its large size. Contact Tiffany for more information: 0407-452 024.

Oil on Board
75 x 100 cm
96 x 121 cm
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