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From the glittering blue sea to the lush mountains and rainforest beyond, artist Lou Jaeger takes much of her inspiration from the beauty and diversity of the Sunshine Coast landscape.

In this lovely larger piece, “Coastal” Lou speaks of the joy of being able to: “walk down to the rolling waves and crunchy sand where the sun kisses the ocean, and then back up to the swoosh of the waterfall in the trees.”

In glorious colour, the scene shows a forest waterfall cascading over glistening rocks, sail boats catching the breeze, vibrant trees and flowers dotting the landscape, and rainbows shimmering in a candy-coloured wonderland.

“Coastal” and other smaller new works by Lou Jaeger are also available at the Studio – see online.

Acrylic & Ink on Canvas
76 x 76 cm
79 x 79 cm
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