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Born in Brisbane in 1922, John Rigby’s life is a story of achievement and dedication. He gave much to the art community in Queensland, and to write a short synopsis here of Rigby’s amazing life is a challenge! I highly recommend you read his Artist Biography above to gain a better insight.

As well as being a successful and multi-award winning artist, amongst his many other achievements, Rigby was a sports cartoonist, ran a successful design studio, was a senior instructor at the Queensland College of Art, a Trustee of the Art Gallery of Queensland, awarded an Honorary doctorate for services to the Arts, and admired amongst artist peers for his skilful use of colour, which was a captivating trait in most of his work.

To quote Rigby from an interview with ‘Courier Mail’ writer Andrea Pooley in July 1990 (the year before ‘Nude with Parrots” was painted):  “I don’t want my work to become softer, I want my work to get stronger and richer. I want it to be different … a retrospective of art expressed through shimmering pools of colour that burst into flames of red and orange, completely devoid of any meaning other than to offer pleasure and joy to those who view them.”

Travel was another great passion of Rigby’s – a preoccupation that began in 1956 when, after winning the Dante Alighieri Society/Italian Government Travelling Art Scholarship, he set forth to live and paint in Italy. Many other wonderful painting trips followed, both overseas, and throughout Australia, notably many to tropical north Queensland and the Pacific, where he produced colour-drenched paintings reflecting the local landscape. “Nude with Parrots” was most likely created during a painting excursion to north Queensland.

“Nude with Parrots” is a fine example of Rigby’s figurative work typified by a sensuality of line and bold colour. Of importance to this painting is it’s inclusion in the book about Rigby’s life, which was launched at the Queensland Art Gallery in 2003.  It is of special significance for a collector to own a piece that is illustrated in a book as it gives the painting an added element of status and collectability.

Oil on Paper (Illustrated p. 188 "John Rigby - Art and Life")
76 x 56 cm
105 x 83 cm
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