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This charming charcoal drawing by Hugh Sawrey was created in 1991 and appears as an illustration on page 156 of the book “Outback”, published by the University of Queensland Press in 1993.

The book, written by Lawrie Kavanagh, a former journalist for the “Courier Mail” in Brisbane, was illustrated throughout with charcoal drawings by Hugh Sawrey, and was a collaboration between the two men that chronicled in stories and drawings a trip that Lawrie and Hugh made together into remote parts of Queensland, visiting several places that Hugh Sawrey travelled through during his time as a stockman and a drover.

The charcoal drawings that Sawrey created to illustrate the book show his natural talent and skill at drawing. The drawings capture with confident line, the humour and character of the people and places Sawrey encountered along his journeys, and are reminiscent of the sketches he made using scraps of paper he carried in his saddle bag in the years he moved on horseback from camp to camp during his droving days.

The stories shared in the book, preserve some of the tales and history from the outback places that Kavanagh and Sawrey encountered on their tour that took them from one end of Queensland to the other, and from east to west – stories that were also recounted in the “Courier Mail” in Lawrie Kavanagh’s column.

These wonderful charcoal drawings rarely surface for sale on the open art market. Over the years, being a specialist in Hugh Sawrey’s work, I’ve had the pleasure of selling a handful of these delightful drawings.

Charcoal on Paper
25 x 20 cm
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