“Dapper” (Male Purple-Crowned Fairy Wren) – SOLD

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Regarded as one of Australia’s most prestigious bird artists, and also well-known internationally for his exquisite art, Greg Postle has recently joined my stable of eminent artists. I am now working with Greg as his Eastern States agent, offering his stunning paintings to passionate collectors all around Australia.

In late 2019, Greg won the Holmes Prize for Excellence in Realistic Australian Bird Art. The Holmes Prize, focuses exclusively on realistic bird art, and is unique in Australia, attracting respected bird painters from all over the nation … one of the fellow entrants aptly describing the prize as the “Archibald of Bird Art”.

In this beautiful oil “Dapper”, Greg depicts with amazing detail, stroke by stroke, the male of the very rare and endangered species, the Purple-Crowned Fairy Wren. As part of his working practice, Greg spends hours in the field observing and photographing birds, so when back in his painting studio he can accurately reference their characteristics and beautiful plumage in exquisite detail.

Oil on Canvas on Board
35 x 50 cm
51 x 66 cm
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