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This watercolour “Nurture” makes reference to how we all have special things in life that we care for, or nurture, no matter how large or small.

Felicity Grant has an appreciation of simple things and the unassuming beauty found in nature. In this painting, hands gently fold around one of Felicity’s favourite Chinese ginger jars which holds the last Spring nasturtium bloom from her garden.

The colour blue features strongly in many of Felicity’s works, and in this piece she cleverly depicts the folds and textures of a classic denim jacket, providing a wonderful backdrop to the delicacy of the ginger jar and the nasturtium.

There’s always an element of delight too in Felicity’s works. In you look carefully at “Nurture” and follow the direction of the bird’s eye upwards, you’ll spy what he’s eyeing off – a tiny red Lady Beetle under the nasturtium leaf!

Watercolour on Paper
54 x 54 cm
80 x 77 cm
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