Tenterfield Walk – SOLD

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A respected Queensland artist, Diana Battle is known for her colourful paintings that are a clever abstraction of shape and light.

Her free-flowing compositions reflect her personal experiences, constant inspiration from nature, and passion for vibrant colour.

Diana’s chief inspiration for this large work came from a memory of a beautiful tree-lined street she visited in Tenterfield, a place she loves for its old homes and history. The trees were spectacular with leaves all in autumnal colour. Returning home, Diana was on location painting again amongst other autumn trees and recollected the ones she’d seen in Tenterfield.

Whilst working on her composition a lady passer-by in a flowing yellow dress walked into the scene being painted. Diana felt her appearance was divine intervention and a sign she should be included in the painting – a symbol of “all the people and families who had walked and passed this way before”, hence the name “Tenterfield Walk”.

Acrylic on Canvas
91 x 91 cm
94.5 x 94.5 cm
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