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 A rare new arrival to the Art Studio is this charming mixed media work by the legendary Charles Blackman. Entitled “Friendship”, this original piece offers a subject that is much loved by admirers of Blackman’s work, i.e., a whimsical theme that portrays a loving connection between people, interwoven with decorative aspects from the natural world such as flowers and foliage.

The three dimensional and textural nature of this artwork, being an oil painting on a ceramic tile, is both appealing and intriguing.  Over the past 28 years of dealing in fine art, I’ve only had the opportunity to offer three works created by Blackman that use this technique of incising a painting in oil onto a ceramic surface. The effect is quite beautiful!

This delightful Blackman provides a wonderful opportunity for an art lover, or a first time investor, to acquire a beautiful original work by one of Australia’s most eminent artists for an affordable price.

Oil on Ceramic Tile
21.5 x 16.5 cm
36 x 31 cm
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