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Such a pleasure to offer this sweet, original work by Charles Blackman, one of Australia’s most eminent artists.

Through brevity of line, Blackman was a master of depicting emotion. He does this so nicely in this little painting, conveying very simply, but beautifully, an idyllic moment.  With her freshly picked flower, and the happy company of her pet, the young girl smiles angelically in an innocent and contented moment.

Blackman often spoke of the importance of line in good art, and in his own work. This piece with its effortless and free flow of ink is a good example of Blackman’s complete ease with drawing. With a  minimum of fuss and an authenticity that came from raw talent, Blackman conveyed the dreamy happiness of a little girl and shares this feeling with us.

Looking at this painting,  I’m reminded of an exquisite comment made by Charles Blackman about his work, which is now much quoted:
“Wrap a line around a dream.”

Watercolour & Ink on Paper
28 x 20 cm
64.5 x 56.5 cm
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