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Having a Pro Hart dragonfly oil at the Art Studio is always enjoyable – art collectors just love them for their sense of quirkiness and fun – how hilarious and undeniably Australian is it to glorify an insect in a work of art!

Rendered in highly appealing impasto textures using a palette knife and generous amounts of colourful oil paint, “Dragonfly” shows Pro Hart’s fascination with insects and dragonflies which harks back to childhood years when he observed them as part
of the plant and animal life in the swamps around the family property “Larloona”.

As a schoolboy, Pro used dragonflies to illustrate his correspondence lessons. Later in adult life, he celebrated their transient and delicate beauty in confident and highly textured paintings.

Immortalised by the Dupont Stainmster carpet advertisement, Pro’s striking dragonfly paintings have become a very significant and much admired part of his imagery as a professional artist. They are now regarded as some of his most collectable pieces.

“Dragonfly” is presented beautifully in a high quality framing, and is an attractive and colourful example of Pro Hart’s much loved dragonfly theme.

Oil on Canvas on Board
25 x 20 cm
45.5 x 40.5 cm
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