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What a dramatic painting, full of vibrancy and energy! Not very often does such a beautiful example of Pro Hart’s floral oils come to the  market. I’m delighted to offer this special Pro Hart piece!

Pro Hart began painting his floral works in 1979, ad they vary in size from the tiny oils he painted on bibles, to large fully fledged oils, like this fine piece. Some of the flowers featured in his pieces were inspired by the wildflowers that sprang up  around his home in the Broken Hill area after heavy rain.

Apart from the immediate joy and delight created by the pure, glorious colour, it is the addition of the decadent red pot, and the clean and refined palette knife strokes that make this a premium quality floral by Pro. The paint strokes are defined. Each stem and bud is precise and the textures built so that they stand out in sharp relief from each other and from the beautiful lush blue background.  The whimsical addition of the flower stems laid on the tabletop in front of the pot add an extra romantic touch.

A painting like this would add instant colour and vivacity to any room,and this excellent piece comes with my very high recommendation.

Oil on Canvas
75 x 60 cm
96.5 x 81 cm
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