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Tiffany’s Research Notes on “Love on Earth”:

Reproduced from Norman Lindsay’s original etching of 1925, this limited edition facsimile etching is one of Lindsay’s most sought after images.

Original etchings of Love on Earth were first issued for a price of 15 guineas. Love on Earth is without doubt one of Norman’s most exquisitely detailed and beautiful etchings, both in terms of mood and complexity.

The kissing couple transcend the misery of earth with their love being almost spiritual in nature.

The central female figure, who was modelled by Rose Lindsay, holds the hand of a god, signifying a pure love. The aura of light above the couple with the heavenly creatures in their idyllic surroundings is an evocative technique that Norman uses in other etchings such as C Sharp Minor Quartet & Virtue where the light against dark emphasises the power of pure emotion and the incomprehensibility of divine love or genius.

Love on Earth also displays Lindsay’s mastery of the needling technique stippling – numerous fine dots used to create tone. This was normally achieved using a tool called a roulette, however Norman preferred a more delicate & precise control and used a needle, which was more time-consuming.

In a letter to his son Jack, Norman Lindsay described his creation of Love on Earth: “I have covered the plate of Love on Earth with its finest needling.  Very slowly and carefully done, and very trying to the eyes, fingers and nerves.  The slowness of this technique is a devilish test of endurance.”

Original etchings of Love on Earth are held in the collections of the Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne (who have a substantial collection of fine works by Lindsay), the National Trust Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum at Springwood and the Mitchell Library in Sydney.

Limited Edition Facsimile Etching (Framed)
35.5 x 29.5 cm
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