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Tiffany’s Research Notes on “Julia’s Monkey:”

This limited edition facsimile etching is a faithful reproduction of Norman Lindsay’s original etching which he created in 1920.

As with many of Norman Lindsay’s etchings, this unusual work “Julia’s Monkey” shows how contrast was an important element in his pieces, both visually and emotionally.

Julia, the voluptuous nude is shown reclining on a dark draped lounge with her pale skin dramatically contrasted with the velvety folds of the material and a mystical dark background. There is also interesting emotional counter play and tension created between Julia and her monkey as she teases him with the promise of an apple as a special treat.

There is exquisite detail in this etching too, shown in the amazingly fine work in the veil under Julia’s head and her beautiful long strands of hair. This skill of being able to create fine detail and minute line work within the very difficult confines of the etching medium, places Lindsay amongst the very best of the world’s etchers.

It was not uncommon for Norman Lindsay to spend months to create an etching plate and for every three that he created he generally discarded two because of his high standards and perfectionism.

The copper plate that Norman Lindsay engraved to create this etching is held in the collection of the Mitchell Library in Sydney, together with working proofs showing the creation of the etching. These are held in the seven folios of etching proofs and documents which Norman’s wife Rose Lindsay compiled and left in the care of the library before her death in 1978.

Rose Lindsay was a masterful print maker and printed by hand all of Norman Lindsay etchings as well as managing all his business affairs. Other original etchings of “Julia’s Monkey” are held in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia (No. 16), the National Gallery of Victoria (No. 11) and the University of Melbourne (No. 24).

Limited Edition Facsimile Etching
17.9 x 23 cm
44 x 46 cm
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