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Tiffany’s Research Notes about ‘Desire”:

The original etching from which this facsimile etching is faithfully reproduced was completed in 1919 and originally issued for the price of 7 guineas.

Desire was one of the fastest-selling and most popular etchings created by Norman and by 1920, the price had increased more than three-fold to 25 guineas.

In this dramatic and passionate etching, Norman Lindsay displays his knowledge of Classical mythology with his representation of a Centaur (a horse with a man’s torso, head & arms).

Centaurs feature strongly in Norman’s imagery and were commonly represented in figures of 6th century pottery. They were known as wild, armed men.  However, the wise and gentle scholar, Chiron, teacher of medicine and tutor to Archilles and Jason, was himself a Centaur.

Original etchings of Desire are held in the collections of the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, the British Museum in London, the National Trust Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum & the Mitchell Library, Sydney.

Limited Edition Facsimile Etching (Framed)
28.4 x 23.6 cm
75 x 65 cm
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