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This beautiful pencil drawing by Norman Lindsay is typical of the many skilful drawings he completed of the female form. The beauty and movement of the model is effortlessly presented in this drawing, which is a testimony to Lindsay’s great skill.

Lindsay began drawing when he was a young boy and used pencil throughout his whole life, completing many preliminary sketches before undertaking other works such as etchings, watercolours and oils.  Norman’s ability to draw was the foundation of his technical virtuosity. He could literally draw anything because of his highly developed sense of observation.

During his career, Lindsay worked with over 300 artist models. He was well respected by the women who modelled for him and was regarded as both professional and courteous.  Lindsay’s single figure nudes constitute an important part of his pencil works and the bulk of them were created at his Sydney studio from the 1930’s. During this time, he perfected the muscular configurations of the female nude from every conceivable angle.

Lindsay’s love of the female form is in part derived from his belief that women were the world’s life force and also because he admired Classical Art and wished to bring about a classical revival of art in Australia.  Most of his pencil drawings are typically signed with his initials “N L”.

This pencil drawing is in mint condition and framed in a rare & exquisite antique frame.

Pencil on Paper
28 x 19 cm
57 x 44 cm
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