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Tiffany’s Research Notes on “The Ragged Poet”:

This facsimile etching is a faithful reproduction of Norman Lindsay’s original etching created in 1924.

The Ragged Poet displays Lindsay’s love of poetry and literature.

The delicate ladies of the court sit entranced by the charming lyrics of a wandering poet, his songs so beautiful that they transcend the regal surroundings and the loveliness of the women about him.

Norman includes a backdrop of peacock feathers and this is true of other etchings and paintings by Norman which often included peacocks.

The beautiful representation of the lace veil over the nude figure bears testimony to Norman’s mastery of the etching technique and his ability to portray complicated patterning of fabrics.

The preliminary pencil drawing and five proofs for the original etching of The Ragged Poet were first exhibited in 1924 at the Fine Art Society and etchings of The Ragged Poet are represented at the National Trust Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum at Springwood and the Mitchell Library, Sydney.

The Ragged Poet was first issued in 1924 for 15 guineas.

Limited Edition Facsimile Etching
35.4 x 27.9 cm
74.5 x 64.5 cm
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