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Tiffany’s Research Notes for “A Summer Day Andante”:

Norman Lindsay had a great love for Classical music, particularly that of Beethoven.

This etching with its lyricism and feeling of languidness aptly portrays the title with its reference to the Italian musical term “Andante”, which means to play slowly.

“A Summer Day Andante” is regarded as one of Lindsay’s most romantic etchings and is intriguing because Norman Lindsay enthusiasts often speculate as to whether the four little musicians could be Norman’s interpretation of himself and his three brothers: top to bottom – Lionel, Percy, Daryl and Norman.

This facsimile etching is faithfully reproduced from the original etching, aquatint and engraving completed by Norman in 1925.

Limited Edition Facsimile Etching (Framed)
34 x 38.4 cm
69 x 68 cm
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