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Tiffany’s Research Notes on “The Lace Headdress”:

“The Lace Headdress” is a faithful reproduction of the original etching and stipple that Lindsay created in c. 1920.

“The Lace Headdress” was an “unpublished etching”, meaning that a formal edition of this etching was released for sale, and no original etchings exist of this work,apart from one proof which is represented at the Mitchell Library in Sydney in the seven folios of etchings that Rose Lindsay (Norman’s wife) kept and donated to the Mitchell Library before she died in 1978.

In this delightful work, Norman Lindsay has displayed his skill with working in the difficult medium of etching as shown in his ability to capture fine details such as the beautiful line work and delicate peacock feather designs in the lace drape that floats out behind the model.

The standing pose and backward glance of the model in “The Lace Headdress“ add a lovely touch of intrigue and feminine mystique to the work. It is as though the model invites us to follow.

Other beautiful Lindsay etchings featuring single figure nudes, such as “The Temptress” “Delight”, “Who Follows?”, “No-Yes” and “Coquette” feature models with a similar pose and feeling that is conveyed in this work, “The Lace Headdress”.

Limited Edition Facsimile Etching
12.1 x 8.2 cm
54 x 46.5 cm
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